• D.M.A., Contemporary Music Performance, Bowling Green State University, in progress (ABD)
  • M.M., Cello Performance, Bowling Green State University, 2019
  • B.M., Cello Performance, Highest Honors, University of Southern Mississippi, 2017
  • Additional studies, Conservatório Dramático Musical “Dr Carlos de Campos” de Tatuí-SP-Brazil, 2008-2012

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Private Studies

  • Brian Snow (Bowling Green State University)
  • Alexander Russakovsky (University of Southern Mississippi)
  • André Micheletti (Private Lessons, Brazil)
  • João Guilherme Figueiredo (Baroque Cello, Conservatório de Tatuí-Brazil)

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  • Mariel Roberts
  • Richard Aaron (Aspen Music Festival and School, The Juilliard School)
  • Colin Carr (UK)
  • Jaap Ter Linden (Hague Conservatory, Netherlands)
  • René Schiffer (Apollo’s Fire)
  • Kim Bak Dinitzen (Chamber Orchestra of Europe)
  • Umberto Clerici (Italy) (Sydney Symphony Orchestra, principal)
  • Amir Eldan (Oberlin Conservatory)
  • Amit Peled, (Peabody Institute)
  • Jesus Castro-Balbi (Texas Christian University)
  • Robert Jesselson (University of South Carolina)
  • Dmitry Kouzov (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Minna Rose Chung (University of Manitoba)
  • Dennis Parker (Louisiana State University)
  • Ari Streisfeld (former JACK quartet member, violin)
  • Mikhail Kopelman, chamber music (Borodin Quartet, Eastman School of Music)
  • American String Quartet
  • Formosa String Quartet

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Summer Festivals

  • Aspen Music Festival and School, 2021-23
  • Northern Lights Music Festival (Minnesota), 2015, 2016
  • Brevard Music Festival, 2014
  • Rio International Cello Encounter (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Oficina de Música de Curitiba (Brazil), 2012

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Performing Experience


  • Iris Orchestra (Tennessee), 2022-present
  • Lima Symphony Orchestra (Ohio), 2018-20
  • Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra (Ohio), 2017-20
  • Meridian Symphony Orchestra (Mississippi), 2014-17
  • Festival South Orchestra (Mississippi), 2016-17
  • OCAM (São Paulo-Brazil), 2012
  • Orquestra Antiga do Brasil (Early Music Orchestra, Brazil), 2012
  • Orquestra Sinfônica Municipal de Botucatu (Brazil), 2010-11
  • Substitute cellist, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, 2022
  • Substitute cellist, Asheville Symphony Orchestra, 2022-23
  • Substitute cellist, Mobile Symphony Orchestra (Alabama), 2016
  • Substitute cellist, Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra (Mississippi), 2016

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Other ensembles

  • Iris Collective (Memphis, TN), Artist Fellow, 2022-24
  • Ensemble Dal Niente, substitute cellist, 2023
  • Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, 2021-23
  • Memphis Free Jazz Initiative, 2023-present
  • Sparta Quartet, 2018-2020
  • VIVE! Ensemble, 2018

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  • Marcos Balter (composer)
  • Michelle Lou (composer)
  • Anthony Davis (composer)
  • Samuel Adams (composer)
  • Sarah Kirkland Snider (composer)
  • Samuel Adams (composer)
  • David Kirkland Garner (composer)
  • Stephen Jaffe (composer)
  • Eric Moe (composer)
  • Augusta Read Thomas (composer)
  • Christopher Theofanidis (composer)
  • John Luther Adams (composer)
  • Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon (composer)
  • Anthony McGill (clarinet)
  • Karen Gomyo (violin)
  • Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) (composer)
  • Marc Bamuthi Joseph (author)
  • Tim Weiss (conductor)
  • Renée Fleming (soprano)
  • Richard Powers (author)
  • Nicholas Phan (tenor)
  • Nico Muhly (composer)
  • Steven Banks (saxophone/composer)
  • Don Crockett (composer)
  • Stephen Hartke (composer)
  • Jason Eckardt (compsoer)
  • Fernanda Aoki Navarro (composer)
  • Esther Heideman (soprano)
  • Du Yun (composer)
  • David T. Little (composer)
  • Phillip Moll (piano)
  • Ursula Oppens (piano)

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Premieres, Commissions, and Dedications

  • Michelle Lou, To care for the bodies of the dead, for chamber ensemble, 2023 (world premiere)
  • Britta Byström, A Walk on Green Streets, for chamber ensemble, 2014-15 (U.S. premiere 2023)
  • Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Forgiveness, Suite for Spoken Word and Chamber Ensemble, 2023
  • Kyle Rivera, Black Body Collage, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Gabrielle Herbst, Rainflower in the Red Rock Cliffs, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Matīss Čudars, push, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Isabella Gellis, What Shall We Do, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Baldwin Giang, Scenes from the Post-Diaspora; I: a neon moon in Ximending, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Theodore Haber, What it’s Like Up Close, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Diallo Banks, Chuchotage, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Angela Ortiz, I’m Trying to See Across, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Grace Ann Lee, On Track, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Leigha Amick, The River’s Course, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Udi Perlman, Accompaniment, for chamber ensemble, 2023
  • Zacarias Maia, Find an End, for trio, 2021/22 (U.S. Premiere 2023)
  • Paul Mortilla, A short ride in a (short ride in a (…)), for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Corey Dundee, polytoxicomania, for pierrot ensemble, 2022
  • Julián Fueyo González, Danza del Huracan, for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Sam Kohler, somewhere in the caverns, for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Soomin Kim, Piano Quintet No. 1, 2022
  • Daixuan Ai, Childhood Memories, for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Sofía Rocha, On the asymptotic nature of longing, for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Katrina Toner, In Nomine, for fl/cl/vln/vla/vlc, 2022
  • Kyle Rivera, Dream Evanescence, for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Gala Flagello, Miss Minutes, for chamber ensemble, 2022
  • Karel Goeyvaerts, Pour que les fruits mûrissent cet été, for renaissance instruments (on viola da gamba and vielle), 1975 (U.S. Premiere, 2022)
  • Luzilei Aliel, Tesla, for cello and live electronics, 2020 (premiered in 2022)
  • Sharhzad Talebi, Maze, for cello and marimba, 2020 (premiered in 2022)
  • Connor Gibbs, Inner Voice, for pierrot+ ensemble, 2022
  • Alexandre Guilherme, Sonata a Um Homem Sem Talento, for cello and piano, 2021* (premiered in 2022)
  • Matthew Lam, In Breezes and Gusts, for flute doubling alto flute and cello, 2021
  • Connor Gibbs, Other Worlds, for open ensemble, 2021
  • Connor Gibbs, Expansion, for open ensemble, 2021
  • Connor Gibbs, Trails, for open ensemble, 2021
  • Luzilei Aliel, Ouija, for strings and electronic sounds, 2021
  • Du Yun, Oksoko, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • David Clay Mettens, Hollows, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • Wenxin Li, For Dreams Will Be Cold, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • David Jones, An Impulse to Soar, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • Shuying Li, Migration, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • Jordyn Gallinek, Yellow Wallpaper, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • Tanner Porter, Footholds, for clarinet, cello, vibraphone, and piano, 2021
  • Melina Tsui, Clanking, Rattling, Scratching, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • Aaron Levin, Snow Fragments, for chamber ensemble, 2021
  • Alexandre Guilherme, Valsa do Jaruá, for string quartet, 2021
  • Alexandre Guilherme, Choradeira, for string quartet, 2021
  • Alexandre Guilherme, De Outros Carnavais, for string quartet, 2021
  • Alexandre Guilherme, Nascimento, for string quartet, 2021
  • Alexandre Guilherme, Three Preludes, for solo cello, 2021*
  • Connor Gibbs, Truth, for solo cello, 2020
  • Luzilei Aliel, Tesla, for cello and live electronics, 2020*
  • Rafael Fajiolli de Oliveira, Recitativo, for solo cello, 2020*
  • Adam Har-zvi, Sonata for Cello and Piano, 2020*
  • Pablo Gómez-Estevez, Chanflin, MicroOpera, 2020
  • Pablo Gómez-Estévez, Antillean’s Intelect, for pierrot+ ensemble, 2020
  • Indigo Knecht, today, MicroOpera, 2020
  • Indigo Knecht, MILA FOG, for chamber ensemble and video, 2020
  • Adam Har-zvi, Meshugas, for flute, clarinet, cello, and double bass, 2020
  • Rafael Fajiolli de Oliveira, Rondó, for solo cello, 2019*
  • Roberto Mochetti, Evening Gatha, for two cellos, 2019*
  • Anthony Donofrio, XIII, for chamber ensemble, 2019
  • Fúlvio Ferrari, Fantasia, for cello and piano, 2019*
  • Alexandre Guilherme, For Otamaka, for solo cello, 2019*
  • Chace Williams, Halcyon, for cl/vln/vlc/pno, 2019*
  • Sam Longo-Capobianco, Automaton, for cl/vln/vlc/pno, 2019*
  • Jon-Luke Martin, Groove, for cl/vln/vlc/pno, 2019*
  • Emily McPherson, Ebb, for sop/cl/vln/vlc/pno, 2019*
  • Adam Har-zvi, The Wanderer, the Guide, and the Beasts of the Mind, MicroOpera, 2019
  • Otavio Kavakama, Ode to Noise #2, any combination of bowed string instruments, 2019
  • Julia Seeholzer, That Same Blood, for fl/cl/vln/vlc/db/perc/cond, 2018
  • Hong-Da Chin, Sfumato, for fl/cl/vln/vlc/db/perc/cond, 2018
  • Paul Poston, Picasso Dreams of Drawing Squares, for fl/cl/vln/vlc/db/perc/cond, 2018
  • Michael Lanci, Endless Colored Ways, for fl/cl/vln/vlc/db/perc/cond, 2018
  • Adam O’Dell, I stood and stared at a lake in a rainstorm, for pierrot ensemble, 2017


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  • Ne, for solo violin, 2022
  • Ode to Noise #453, for viola da gamba and 3 audible instances of the merge sort algorithm, 2022
  • Ode to Noise #23, for piano, drum kit, and cello, 2021
  • Culture #3, for at least 8 string instruments, 2020
  • The Other, or how to peel a banana, for 10 instruments and 2 actors, 2020
  • Ode to Noise #2, for any number of string instruments, 2019

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Teaching Experience

Mission Statement “My mission is to provide my students all the tools they need to become competent and flexible musicians”

  • Private teaching (Cello and Guitar), 2007-present
  • Teaching Fellow, Memphis Music Initiative, 2022-23
  • Chamber Music Coaching, GPAC Youth Symphony Program (Germantown, TN), 2022-present
  • After-school Beginner Violin Class Teacher, Carpenter Art Garden (Memphis, TN), 2022-present
  • Cello Mentor, Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Civic Youth Ensembles, 2017-2019
  • Teaching Instructor, OPUS Chamber Music Camp, Naperville, IL, 2018
  • Teaching Assistant, Southern Miss Kids Orchestra, Hattiesburg, MS, instructor: Gladys Gonzalez, 2016-17
  • Teaching Assistant, String Methods, University of Southern Mississippi, instructor: Dr. Hsiaopei Lee, 2016-17
  • Teaching Assistant, Musical Initiation - Music Theory (for 6-8-year-olds), Conservatório de Tatuí-Brazil, instructor: Darli Margarete Ventura Paulillo, 2010
  • Guitar Instructor, Instituto Musical Pró-Sound, Atibaia-Brazil, 2007-09
  • Graduate Assistant at BGSU - [course number]/[section number]
    • As instructor on record:
      • Theory II, MuCT 1520/1003, Spring ‘22
      • Applied Cello, MusP 2830/1001 (Fall ‘19, Spring ‘20, Fall ‘20, Spring ‘21, Fall ‘21, Spring ‘22)
    • As teaching assistant (TA):
      • Theory II, MuCT 1520/1001, Spring ‘22, instructor: Dr. James Bennett
      • Opera Literature, MuCT 4120/1001 (undergraduate) and 6120/6001 (graduate), Fall ‘21, instructor: Dr. Eftychia Papanikolaou
      • Exploring Music of World Cultures
        • Spring ‘21, MuCT 1010/1001, instructor: Dr. Ryan Ebright
        • Fall ‘20, MuCT 1010/1001, instructor: Dr. Mary Natvig
        • Spring ‘20, MuCT 1250 1002/1003, instructor: Dr. Mary Natvig
        • Fall ‘19, MuCT 1250 1001/3001, instructor: Dr. Megan Rancier
      • String Repertoire and Pedagogy, MusP 4580/1001 (undergraduate) 5580/5001 (graduate), Spring ‘21, instructors: Dr. Brian Snow and Ms. Caroline Chin.
  • Guest Masterclasses
    • USP Ribeirão Preto-Brazil, 2019
    • Conservatório Dramático e Musical “Dr Carlos de Campos” de Tatuí-Brazil, 2019
    • Orquestra Sinfônica Municipal de Bauru-Brazil, 2019

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  • Luzilei Aliel, Damián Keller, Otávio Kavakama, & Roberto Mochetti. (2021, October 14). “Projeto OUIJA: Agenciamento e Relações Espaço-Temporais na Ecomprovisação.” 11th Workshop on Ubiquitous Music (UbiMus 2021), Matosinhos, Portugal & online.

Misc (music)

  • Basic knowledge of string instrument repair
  • Basic knowledge of audio and video editing
    • MuCT 5360 Audio Recording Technique, Instructor: Michael Laurello, @BGSU
  • Staff at Festival South (Hattiesburg, MS), 2016, 2017, 2022
    • Events Assistant, Equipment crew, Stage crew
  • Staff at Natchez Festival of Music, 2022
  • Data entry for the Music Library @BGSU, Spring ‘22
  • String Instruments Inventory person at the University of Southern Miss, 2013-2017
    • Taking care of the school’s string instruments
    • Assigning instruments to students in the String Methods class, as well as to other students (double bassists who did not own an instrument; student who needed an instrument while theirs was being repaired; etc.)
  • Stage and equipment crew at the University of Southern Mississippi, 2013-2017
    • Setting up and striking for rehearsals and concerts
    • Moving instruments and equipment to and from locations (double basses, pianos, music stands, chairs, etc.)
    • Driving van with instruments and/or people to and from concerts/rehearsals
  • Podcast co-host and producer
    • Ruídos Podcast (in Portuguese-BR):
  • Member of the taiko group Kawasuji Seiryu Daiko of Atibaia-Brazil, 2006-2009
  • Member of many rock bands as a guitarist, drummer, bass player, and singer, Atibaia-Brazil, 2001-2008

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Misc (non-music)

  • Languages:
    • Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Basic knowledge of bicycle repair
  • Linux user (EndeavourOS with Sway) and FOSS enthusiast (Free and Open Source Software)
  • Enjoys swimming, cycling, and reading (current book: Orlando, by Virginia Woolf)